Love is in the Air!

Today love is in the air, literally!  These wonderful Valentine’s Day cards by Love Bugs Gestures are available at Ninety-Nine event.  One thing that is great about being a kid in sl are all of the adorable gestures!  It can be difficult to find really cute and quality gestures, but you will find them at Love Bugs!  These are made with real kids voices, not those high-pitched auto-tuned ones you find sometimes!  When you play the gacha at Ninety-Nine, you will have a chance of winning one of these cards, which play a sweet Valentine’s gesture when you click them, or one of 6 gestures!  My favourite is the RARE card that says ‘You’re Bacon Me Crazy…”

Now can we talk about this dress?  Oh my goodness it’s so cute!  I can tell that a lot of work went in to it, and the quality is right up there, with special details like heart buttons, bows and beads!  This dress is by  WildFlowers, and is also available at Ninety-Nine.

My nails have little hearts on them and are perfect to go with any Valentine’s Day outfit!  The are by Polished and are also available at… you guessed it!  Ninety Nine!

Shopping List:

Hair: YUMYUM – 61B

Dress: WILDFLOWERS – Jorie Dress (This pattern is exclusive at Ninety-Nine!)

Gesture Cards:  LOVE BUGS @ Ninety-Nine

Nails:  POLISHED – I Heart You @ Ninety-Nine

Poses: DOLLFACE – Sugar Bebe

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