Semi-Charmed Life

Whatever!  As if!

It’s 90’s nostalgia at Rewind!  If you look back on the decade with fondness, you will love this event!  All of the decor in this photo was picked up there.

I made another trip back to Ninety-Nine, where I got this outfit from Toasty.  The top is sold separately from the pants, so you can mix and match!

Shopping List:

Hair: BLUES – Khloe @ Rewind

Glasses: TSG – Megan

Jacket w/ Tee and Sweatpants: TOASTY @ Ninety-Nine

Nails: POLISHED – Valentine @ Ninety-Nine

Candy Ring: YUMMY – Candy Ring

Troll & Chair:  RADIKAL Gatcha @ Rewind

Backdrop: MONS gacha @ Rewind

Prints: SWAYS – Art gacha @ Rewind

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