Collecting all the Cuteness!

Thimble is open, and these adorable fairy figure collectibles are available at the event!  Each one comes with a boxed and unboxed version, and the rare ones even come with an extra version that has a moving effect!

I have two items from the Color Me Cute event to show you.  The first is this very pretty dress by Tiny Trinkets.  It comes with a hud so that you can choose between six colors.  I am also wearing nail polish by Polished.  These are lovely ombre nails, with many varieties of colors available in the hud.

Shopping List:

Hair: MAGIKA – A Perfect Mess (New)

Hairband: HALF-DEER – Fairylight Crown

Dress: TINY TRINKETS – Mariah Dress @ Color Me Cute

Nails: POLISHED: Ombre Nails @ Color Me Cute

Collectible Figures: BANG! – FairyTales @ Thimble

Ombre Fatpack AD.png

Goodnight Moon

“Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere.”

~Goodnight Moon

It’s time for bed, and I’m not sleepy!  Really I’m not!  *Rubs eyes and yawns*  I sure am looking cute in my jammies though!  These are by Clove, and they are available in eight colors.  You can pick them up at the current round of Color Me Cute.

This lamp is so neat!  It’s a hologram lamp, and when you click on it you have the option of light or no light depending on what effect you want.  It make a very pretty light, and it plays music.  This lamp is by Larnia, and it is also available at Color Me Cute.

Shopping List:

Hair: WASABI PILLS – Whitney

Jammies: CLOVE – Skye Jammies @ Color Me Cute

Lamp: LARNIA – Lullaby Hollogram of the Future @ Color Me Cute

Bed: MUDDPUDDLES – Vintage Garden Bed




Today I am visiting the Butterfly Conservatory.  This is a really neat place to go with your family to learn all about different types of butterflies!

I went to Color Me Cute and bought all of the things!  My whole outfit is made up of items that you can purchase at the event!  My sneakers are by Tiny Trinkets, and as with many of the items from this store, they come with a hud to change the color!  My dress is by Buglets, and is available in 6 pretty colors.  I’ve accessorized with a bag by Clair de Fleur and a binky by Wildflowers.

Shopping List:

Hair: WASABI PILLS – Aiko (Gacha)

Binky: WILDFLOWERS – Farmyard Paci’s (Gacha) @ Color Me Cute

Bag: CLAIR DE FLEUR – Spring Bag (Gacha) @ Color Me Cute

Dress: BUGLETS – Lanie Dress @ Color Me Cute

Shoes: TINY TRINKETS – Angel Sneakers @ Color Me Cute

Pose: MURIEL – Annie Poses

Location: Butterfly Conservatory



It’s a quiet morning, the house is still, and if you listen carefully you can hear the pitter-patter of fluffy paws!  My cute little friends have come to cause mischief with me!

Today I am wearing this pretty geometric nail polish by Polished.  It is available at Color Me Cute.  The event ends on April 1st, so stop in today!

My lovely dress is by Clair de Lune.  It comes in several soft colors; perfect for spring.  It is available at the mainstore.

Shopping List:

Hair: PR!TTY – Ky (the mainstore is currently moving, so I’ve linked to a side-shop)

Dress: CLAIR DE LUNE – Lolita Roses Ribbon Dress

Deer: BLACK BANTAM – Editorial Fawn (Rare Gacha)

Bunnies: ANC – Cotton Bunny

Curtains: MOSS & MINK – Drop Curtain @ Sanarae

Nails: POLISHED – Geometric @ Color Me Cute



Today I feel like a pretty little flower girl in my dress by Enchantique, which is available at Color Me Cute!  It comes in 8 colors, with two varieties in each package.

My hair is new from Yumyum, and you can pick it up at the Sanarae event!

Shopping List:

Flower Crown: ZENITH – Spring Rose Crown

Hair:  YUMYUM – 91 @ Sanarae

Dress: ENCHANTIQUE – Belle Gown @ Color Me Cute

Pose: TEA.S – Blowing Bubbles (This pose is not meant for toddledoos, so if you get it, it will need to be edited!)

Location: BAJA NORTE – Storybrooke Gardens

How Does Your Garden Grow?

There is a new event for kids coming to SL!  It’s called Shop Hop, which is a perfect name because you use a special hud to “hop” from shop to shop by teleporting.  At each shop you will find an item on sale for 100L or less!  The event will begin on March 4th at midnight, and it runs for 1 week.  Make sure that you join the Shop Hop group inworld, so that you won’t miss out on getting your hud!

Here is a list of designers who will be participating:

Shop Hop March Designer List.png

Enchantique will be participating in this event, and she has made the beautiful dress that I am wearing today!  It will be available in 12 colors, and it’s perfect for the theme of this round, which is The Secret Garden.  I feel very flower-like in this dress!

Shopping List:


Nails: POLISHED – Unicorn Bling @ Color Me Cute

Dress: ENCHANTIQUE – Lyric Dress for Shop Hop

Tights: TURDUCKEN – Bow Tights

Sandals: TURDUCKEN – Ruffle Gladiator Sandals

Pose: MURIEL – Annie Poses

Walking in a Daydream

Today I took a little wander around a beautiful watercolor sim called The Forest Beyond.  It was like walking through a painting, and I thought ‘What a perfect place to take a photo!’  I encourage you to check it out!

Thimble opened a new round yesterday and Jester Inc. has created some very cute rompers!  There are many different animals represented.  I decided to wear the raccoon romper, and I paired it with my raccoon slippers from Wildflowers, which are available at Color Me Cute.

Wildflowers has been very busy creating wonderful things!  My binky is available at Thimble.  This binky perfectly matches the Jorie dress that is available at Ninety-Nine!

My nails are by Polished.  They’re called Unicorn Bling (best name ever), and they are available at Color Me Cute!

Shopping List:

Hair: DOE – Blythe (gacha)

Earrings: LAZY UNICORN – Rose Earring Gacha (The store is currently under construction)

Nails: POLISHED – Unicorn Bling @ Color Me Cute

Binky: WILDFLOWERS – Jorie Paci Gacha@ Thimble

Romper: JESTER INC. – Raccoon Romper Gacha @ Thimble

Slippers: WILDFLOWERS – Animal Slippers Gacha @ Color Me Cute


Sim: The Forest Beyond